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D’Orsi, R.; Di Fidio, N.; Antonetti, C.; Raspolli Galletti, A. M.; Operamolla, A.
“Isolation of pure lignin and highly digestible cellulose from defatted and steam-exploded Cynara cardunculus.”
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2023, 11, 5, 1875–1887. DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.2c06356

D’Orsi, R.; Canale, V. C.; Cancelliere, R.; Hassan Omar, O.; Mazzuca, C.; Micheli, L.; Operamolla, A.
“Tailoring the Chemical Structure of Cellulose Nanocrystals by Amine Functionalization.”
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2023, in press. DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.202201457


D’Orsi, R.; Lucejko, J. J.; Babudri, F.; Operamolla, A.
“Kumagawa and Soxhlet Solvent Fractionation of Lignin: The Impact on the Chemical Structure”
ACS Omega 2022, 7, 29, 25253.

Spagnuolo, L.; D’Orsi, R.; Operamolla, A.
“Nanocellulose for Paper and Textile Coating: The Importance of Surface Chemistry”
ChemPlusChem 2022, 87, e202200204. Open Access

D’Orsi, R.; Spagnuolo, L.; Operamolla, A.
“Lignocellulosic Advanced Materials” (Italian)
La Chimica E L’Industria 2022, n°4, Luglio/Agosto, DOI:

D’Orsi, R.; Irimia, C. V.; Lucejko, J. J.; Kahraman, B.; Kanbur, Y.; Yumusak, C.; Bednorz, M.; Babudri, F.; Irimia-Vladu, M.; Operamolla, A.
“Kraft lignin: from pulping waste to bio-based dielectric polymer for organic field-effect transistors”
Advanced Sustainable Systems 2022, 6, 2200285. DOI: 10.1002/adsu.202200285. Open Access

Journal Cover for the month of December of the Journal Advanced Sustainable Systems dedicated to our paper on kraft lignin application in field effect transistors.


Milano, F.; Guascito, M.R.; Semeraro, P.; Sawalha, S.; Da Ros, T.; Operamolla, A.;* Giotta, L.;* Prato, M.; Valli, L.
“Nanocellulose/Fullerene Hybrid Films Assembled at the Air/Water Interface as Promising Functional Materials for Photo-electrocatalysis”
Polymers 2021, 13, 243.

Punzi, A.; Blasi, D.; Operamolla, A.; Comparelli, R.; Palazzo, G.; Farinola, G. M.
“Peripherical thioester functionalization induces J-aggregation in bithiophene-DPP films and nanoparticles”
RSC Advances 2021, 11, 11536-11540.

Hassan Omar, O.; Falcone, M.; Operamolla, A.; Albano, G.
“Impact of chirality on the aggregation modes of L-phenylalanine- and D-glucose-decorated phenylene-thiophene oligomers”
New Journal of Chemistry, 2021, 45, 12016-12023.

Hassan Omar, O.; Giannelli, R; Colaprico, E.; Capodieci, L.; Babudri, F.; Operamolla, A.*
“Reductive amination reaction for the functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals”
Molecules, 2021, 26, 5032.

Operamolla, A.; Mazzuca, C.; Capodieci, L.; Di benedetto, F.; Severini, L.; Titubante, M.; Martinelli, A.; Castelvetro, V.; Micheli, L.
“Toward a Reversible Consolidation of Paper Materials Using Cellulose Nanocrystals”
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2021, 13, 37, 44972–44982.


S. Sawalha, F. Milano, M. R. Guascito, S. Bettini, L. Giotta,* A. Operamolla,* T. Da Ros, M. Prato, L. Valli
“Improving 2D-organization of fullerene Langmuir-Shaefer thin films by interaction with cellulose nanocrystals”
Carbon, 2020, 167, 906-917.

R. Giannelli, F. Babudri, A.Operamolla*
Nanocellulose-based functional paper
Chapter 3 in the book: Nanocellulose based composites for electronics”, Editors: Prof. Sabu Thomas, Dr. Yasin Beeran Pottathara, Publisher. Elsevier. October 9th 2020.

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