SolarLeaf – The nanopaper project

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“SolarLeaf – Biodegradable solar cells supported on cellulose” is a project developed at the Chemistry Department of the Aldo Moro University of Bari (Italy). The project is funded by Regione Puglia (local government), in the framework of the program “FutureInResearch”. The aim of this project is to study and develop biodegradable, flexible and transparent paper, made of nanocrystalline cellulose, named nanopaper, as environmentally friendly substrate for photovoltaic devices.

This blog will attempt dissemination of the results and literature update on the fascinating features of nanopaper and nanocellulose.

Cellulose nanopaper possesses outstanding properties, including transparency, flexibility, biocompatibility, cheapness, disposability and biodegradability, coupled to very attractive pespectives of technological applications.

You should follow this blog if you are interested in new development of paper industry or if you are an academic or industrial scientist interested in the processing and application of cellulose in different areas of research and innovation.


Action Co-founded by Cohesion and Development Fund 2007-2013 – APQ Research Puglia Region “Regional programme supporting smart specialization and social and environmental sustainability – FutureInResearch”, Prot. F6YRAO1.
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