Our new article published on Polymers – MDPI investigates the electrochemical performance of fullerene – CNC hybrid films

A new paper, released in 2021, collects our results on the electrochemical and physico-chemical investigation performed on Langmuir-Shaefer co-deposited films of sulfated cellulose nanocrystals and fulleropyrrolidines (FP). The work is done in collaboration between the University of Pisa, the University of Salento and the University of Trieste, and extends the results and the comprehension on these exciting new hybrid films, previously presented for the first time on the journal Carbon in 2020 by the same group of investigators.

The new paper sheds more light on the nature of the spontaneous interaction between CNCs and FPs, by describing competitive self-assembling experiments in the presence of a solfonated porphirin, the TPPS4 material. Moreover, anodic photocurrents are explored, pointing at the clear contribution of cellulose to current generation.

Below, the graphical abstract of the new paper. Clicking on the picture, you will be re-addressed to the journal page where you will be able to download our paper free of charge.

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