Our contribution in the book “Nanocellulose Based Composites for Electronics” (Elsevier, 2020)

A contribution from the NanoLeaves Lab has been included as Chapter 3, entitled “Nanocellulosed-base functional paper” in the book “Nanocellulose Based Composites for Electronics”, published on October 9th 2020 by Elsevier.

The book, edited by Prof. Sabu Thomas and Dr. Yasin Beeran Pottathara, “presents recent developments in the synthesis and applications of nanocellulose composites in electronics, highlighting applications in various technologies. Chapters cover new trends and challenges in a wide range of electronic applications and devices. Significant properties, safety, sustainability, and environmental impacts of the electronic devices are included, along with the challenges of using nanocellulose-based composites in electronics. This book is an important reference for materials scientists and engineers configuring and designing processes for the synthesis and device fabrication of nanocellulose composites in electronics.”

Chapter 3, the contribution presented by Rosa Giannelli, Francesco Babudri and Alessandra Operamolla, describes the potentialities of cellulose nanopaper(CNP) prepared from renewable nanocellulose, focusing on the re-engineering of CNP by physical and chemical design to enable hydrophobic and transparent paper, smart sensors, substrates for optoelectronic devices and conductive or luminescent papers.

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